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Terms of use

These rules - refer to the boundary behavior of users of the project, with which compliance is required to use interactive services zookluba members. The rules are formulated in the light of experience and generally accepted rules on the Internet, as well as the legislation of Ukraine, Russia and the CIS.
General provisions:

1. Administration of this site zooclub.com.ua defines the rules of conduct on it, and reserves the right to demand performance from their visitors, as well as members Zookluba.
2. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from having to implement them. Placement of any messages on the site automatically indicates your acceptance of these rules.
3. The use of any material posted on this site is permitted when specifying the reference (for internet issues - indexed hyperlinks) on www.zooclub.biz. Link (hyperlink) is obligatory regardless of what part of the materials used - complete or partial. If you use any materials from the interactive services (join the club, blogs, posts and other services of the project) zooclub.com.ua, be sure to indicate that "the original message posted on zooclub.com.ua" or other message clearly indicates source of information. This message should be (link) to visit the location of the quoted message in the portal www.zooclub.biz.
4. Materials marked with "Advertising" published in the advertisement.
5. All rights to any material published on this site are protected in compliance with Ukrainian and international legislation on copyright and related rights.
6. Administration of this site is not responsible for the content of promotional materials and informational articles, user comments, are posted on the site, as well as the consequences of their publication and use. According to the author, comments posted on our pages do not necessarily reflect the views and position of the administration portal.
7. Administration does not assume any liability for losses incurred as a result of the use or disuse of its information and services.
Use of resources:

1. Readers of the site can be anyone who will go to the address www.zooclub.biz
2. User-site resources may each registered visitor, who passed the procedure of activating your account.
3. Each user to activate their account on zooclub.com.ua, automatically becomes a member Zookluba.
4. The Administration agrees to use the email addresses of registered users of the site solely for sending messages from the site zooclub.com.ua, as well as for thematic mailing lists to which users voluntarily signed. The user has the right to unsubscribe to these mailings at any time convenient for them
5. Registered site user gets access to all services provided without restrictions.
6. Portal administration reserves the right to solely at its own discretion to encourage site visitors, and disable user account maliciously violate the rules of our project, as well as violating the generally accepted rules of conduct and a breach of ethical standards.

The website is prohibited:

1. Direct and indirect insult anyone in particular, other resource users, including national, ethnical, racial or religious affiliation, and chauvinistic statements.
3. Obscene speech, utterance of pornographic, erotic or sexual nature.
4. Any offensive conduct in relation to the authors of the articles and all the participants of the resource.
5. Statements to which the intention is to provoke a sharp reaction of other members of the resource.
6. Advertising, commercial messages, and messages that do not have the information load and does not deal with the subject of the resource.
7. Any communications and other activities that are prohibited by Ukrainian law, Rosiii and other foreign countries.


1. Interactive resources (commentaries, forums, blogs, etc.) are postmoderiruemymi, that is, the moderator read the messages after their distribution on the resource.
2. If a moderator reading the message, finds that it violates the rules of life, he has the right to remove it without explanation and without notice to the author.
4. If you disagree with the decision of the moderator, you can contact the technical support contacts listed in the site.

Final provisions:

1. Administration reserves the right to change these rules. In this case, the site will be made public a message of change.
2. You may be banned from use of the site members who systematically violate those rules. Account that user is deactivated, but from the user enter the black list and will be banned for re-registration.
3. Administration of this site is not responsible for any statements from users of the site.
4. The administration is always ready to take note of the wishes and will be grateful for any suggestions of site visitors and members Zookluba on the work of the resource.
5. Responsibility for the truthfulness and legality of posting on the site shall be the participant who placed them.


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