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Maine Coon kittens. Cats Classified

Published: 08.10.2018
№ 2594-9029
USA, Newark
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Maine Coon kittens

F1 Savannah kittens for adoption. We are pleased to announce that we have Savannah kittens now ready for a new home. Have all vaccinated and are very friendly with children other house pets. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible and the highest quality\\\\\\\'s available. We are making a lot of new changes and adding a whole new look so keep an eye out for our newly kittens and if you need a kitten right now, then contact us immediately for availabilities....EMAIL ..schuhfluth@yahoo.com WHATSAPP NUMBER ..+971522685472
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  • schuh fluth, США, Newark
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  • +971522685472

History and Origin The Main Coon is America's oldest natural longhaired breed. It originates in the state of Maine. Supposedly it is a result of a union between a domestic short hair cat and a racoon. The Main Coon was first recorded in cat literature in 1861. These cats were competitors on the early cat shows in New York....
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