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Dogo Argentino (Argentina)

Main name of the breed:
Dogo Argentino
Alternative names of the breed
Argentinian Mastiff
Country of origin:
South America
Group FCI:
Section FCI:
2.1 Mastiff type
№ standard FCI:
Date of adoption of the standard:
System recognized breeds:
Purpose of the breed:
Utilities dogs

History and Origin

The Dogo Argentino (also known as the Argentinian Mastiff ) is a hunting dog originating in Argentina. This breed was created by the brothers Antonio and Agustin Nores Martinez who started breeding in 1925. The aim was a dog for big game hunt and fit for rugged Argentine countryside. The brother used as the foundation local fighting dogs and made crosses with about ten other breeds. In such way the Dogo Argentino inherited high stature of GreatDane, stamina and white color of the Great Pyrenees, scenting ability of the Pointer, intelligence and gentleness of the Boxer, tenacity of Bull Terrier, the jaw strength of the Dogue de Bordeaux. The result of the crossing turn up to be powerful and courageous hound capable of scenting, tracking and attacking big game such as puma, red fox, boar. The Dogo Argentino is famous for his stamina apt to subdue and hold these large animals after a long chasing.


The Dogo Argentino has a big muscular body with a sound neck, a wide chest and a massive skull. The short coat is white and shiny. The nose is black, the docked ears. The tail is long. The height is 24-27 inches. The weight is 80-100 pounds. The life span is about 10-12 years.


The Dogo Argentino is not a dog for everybody. These dog need early obedience training, a plenty of exercise, can be aggressive with other animals. They are were bred as hunting dogs not as pets albeit they could make pets under certain conditions. The Dogo Argentino serves also as an excellent guardian and a watchdog.


These dogs are easy to groom. They are average shedder and free of doggy odour. They cannot be kept outdoor in a cold temperatures.


The breed is recognized by FCI, NKC

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