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Don Sphynx

Main name of the breed:
Don Sphynx
Alternative names of breed:
System recognized the breed:
Adoption of the breed:
Don Sphynx
One more Don Sphynx

History and Origin

The Don Sphynx is a Russian breed of hairless cats. These cats have very much in common with Sphynx cats originating in Canada, but their gene pool is different. The first hairless cat, which became the primogenitor of all Don Sphynxs, was found in Rostov-na-Donu, Russia in 1987. Don is one of Russian major rivers, which gave the name to Rostov-na-Donu city and later to its native cat breed.
When a Russian breeder Elena Kovaleva brought home homeless bald female cat she decide that it was sick and tried to cure it from the supposed disease that caused loss of hair. But it was discovered soon that the absence of hair was not the result of disease but a natural mutation. The cat was named Varvara and later gave birth to hairless kittens. They and other aboriginal cats became a base of the new breed which was named Don Sphynx. The other name of the breed is Russian hairless. The breed was recognized by WCF in 1997.

Temperament and Personality

Don Sphynxs are highly intelligent and loyal to the owner. They say about Sphynxs, "They are not humans beings yet but they are not already cats." They are smart, waggish, very lively and behave themselves rather like children not like cats.

Size and Appearance

The Don Sphynx has a muscular medium sized body. The Don Sphynx differs from Canadian Sphynx by heavier bones. All colour are allowed by the breed standard. The eyes are almond-shaped. The ears are big. The Don Sphynx's paws are of distinctive shape. They have elongated fingers with webs and are able to seize things with fingers.


Don Sphynxs are hairless so they don't need combing and don't shed, free from musk odor. They are inclined to sweat so need daily wiping with cloths as well as regular bathing. Due to high body temperature Sphynxs need more food than other breeds. The high body temperature also help Sphynxs to resist infections. Adult Sphynxs possess high immunity to most desease. But it is important to keep them away from draughty places.

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