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Cane Corso (Italy)

Main name of the breed:
Cane Corso
Alternative names of the breed
Cane Corso Italiano, Italian Corso Dog
Country of origin:
Group FCI:
Section FCI:
2.1 Mastiff type
№ standard FCI:
Date of adoption of the standard:
System recognized breeds:
Purpose of the breed:
Utilities dogs

Cane Corso Italiano

History and Origin

The Cane Corso's ancestors were the mastino dogs which lived in Tibet about a thousand years ago and were used as guards in the ancient monasteries. Some of these dogs were brought to Rome where they would fight lion in the Coliseums and served as "warriors" in Alexander Macedonian's army. They were used as hunting, shepherd dogs, watchdogs and guardians. Those Cane Corso's ancestors are known as Roman Molossian now. The appearance of the Cane Corso has changed little since that time. Now they have a little less weight, are less encumbered, but just as powerful.
During the First and Second World War the Cane Corso population decreased dramatically. But in the 1970s and 80s,a small group of Italian enthusiasts start to re-establish the breed and create a breed standard. The breed was recognised by the ENCI in the 1994 and by the FCI in the 1996.
Today the Cane Corso is used mostly as pets and guardians. Some Cane Corsos still can be seen herd cattle in the Southern Italy.

Temperament and Personality

The Cane Corso is known as an extremely bold, highly intelligent and easily trained dog. They are very territorial and suspicious of strangers. They are able to feel people's intention and to protect their owner and his property. Cane Corsos are very loyal but obedience training must be to prevent these dogs from being dominant toward people. The Cane Corso requires a lot of exercise and needs attention and interaction with its family. The Cane Corso being used as guardian for children during its long history, it makes an excellent pet for children.

Size and Appearance

The Cane Corso is an athletic breed. It is a medium-size muscular dog. The muzzle is very broad and deep. The coat is short and dense. A Cane Corso male should measure a minimum of 24 inches at the withers and 100 pounds; females, 22 inches and 80 pounds.


Grooming needs are minimal. The Cane Corso needs just occasional combing and brushing to remove dead hair. Life span is about 10-11 years.



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