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Catteries Bella Bitis*PL

Peterbalds conquered our hearts in 2008. We knew long ago, that we want a cat but couldn\'t come up with one right decision – which breed to choose. We had a Persian cat and we were enthralled with its nobility and stoic non-occupied peace, we had a roofer that could charm with roguish beauty in turn with knavish character, dogs loyalty and boundless devotion isn\'t foreign for us either. So we wanted a cat which would be equally unique, charming, one of its kind and the best... hairless. That was love at first sight - Petersburg Sphynx (Peterbald). Due to vulnerability and oddity of this creature, which later turned out to be apparent and perfectly feigned – we were enchanted with it so much that we weren\'t making “the one right” decisions any more – we had just bought a Sphynx, intriguingly named Peterbald, that is Petersburg Sphynx. And it occurred that he, suitably she – proud and self confident Bahra Basadella Afro (that is Baska) was most likely always with us, at least she behaved like that. It turned out – like Jerzy Pilch writes that(...)cats are completed creatures, rest of the world including dogs is imperfect. Objectively that is how the things are and it is vain to complain about it(...) We kindly invite you to visit our cat web site concerning Peterbalds. When you cool off - I mean, at first you are going to feel surprised, but then amazed and you will have more negative than positive feelings about it, then you will find out that you feel compassion for \"these poor, bold creatures\", afterwards you will decide that they come from the universe - and finally you will discover majesty and nobility of their slim body shapes, happiness in their eyes as big as surface of lakes, and the bandit\'s personality charmed in frivolous, rapid paws - you are welcome to visit us. Peterbalds are like pieces of art work. We are great passionates of them. What we hereby declare...
  • Region:
  • Poland, Myslenice / Cracow
  • Phone:
  • +48530059199
  • Contact:
  • Karolina Augustynska
  • Club:
  • KKF - FPL - FIFe

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