Как разместить рекламу на Зооклубе

Catteries MARKISSA

Scottish Kennel has been breeding the breed: Scottish Fold cat (Scottish Fold)pryamouhaya (Scottish Straight). Cattery is registered in the European WCF (Reg. № 2219) Our preferences in color and eye color - green-eyed shaded silver and gold (shaded) andticked, patterned colors with silver and gold (golden and silver tabby) Colorno (Siamese)colors: shaded point (Golden and Silver sheydet point), lynx point and color-point. Scottish chinchilla amaze with their beauty, they are impossible to tear look.
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Mariupol
  • Phone:
  • +380963496708
  • Contact:
  • Galina Yaseneva

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