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Catteries ELITE

Nursery \"ELITE\" http://www.elitcats.com - is engaged in breeding cultivation of Persians (колора, white with blue eyes, chinchillas), экзотов (short-haired, plush Persians), British (a stain on silver \"Wiskas\", and rare the SILVERY and GOLD CHINCHILLA), Scots (in different color scale) On nursery all year long котята.от a show class to дом.любимцев ON ALL KITTENS of the PRICE ESPECIALLY INDIVIDUAL - depend on level of an animal and the purpose приобритения. +38095-605-23-08, +38067-732-96-70, +38063-105-90-11
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Doneck
  • Phone:
  • +380956052308
  • Skype:
  • iza-1718
  • Contact:
  • izabel Pogorelova
  • питомник

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