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Catteries "Acanit"

Our monopedigree nursery "Acanit" is engaged in breeding cultivation of the largest house cats in the world of breed a Maine Coon. The primary goal of work of our nursery is cultivation of the harmonious animals corresponding to the standard of breed, paying much attention thus to health of our pupils. We very much love our animals. Breed a Maine Coon all over the world by right is considered one of the most beautiful and clever cat breeds. We will be glad to see you on a site of our Nursery where you can will get acquainted with the finest cats in the world and, probably, to pick up to myself the favourite - the tender giant.
  • Region:
  • Russia, Nignii Novgorod
  • Phone:
  • +79200319494
  • Skype:
  • acanit1
  • Contact:
  • Mariya Martianova
  • Club:
  • Best
  • Кот Gatsby le magnifique
  • Кот Gatsby le magnifique
  • Кошка Afina Royalcoon*RUS
  • Кошка Beloccon's Francis

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