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Catteries Kennel «DIAMOND STAR»

Our cattery is registered in the system WCF-№ 082. Cattery breeding of two wonderful breeds Scottish Fold (Scottish Fold and Straight) and British Shorthair cats. We work with both conventional (blue, purple), and with rare colors (silver shaded chinchilla, marble on silver stain on silver lynx point). Nursery is open from mating with the side that allows you to create a psychological climate of pets, including excluding the risk of infection and viral dr.zabolevaniyami. And, of course, a fundamental task is to create a full and comfortable living conditions for our pets and their future generations. Our pets are our family and the center of attention, love, and comprehensive care! Maybe it was for us, you will find yourself beautiful, smart, handsome, sociable and a friend, just pet the family ... We wish you a pleasant stay on our site!
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  • Ukraine, Lugansk
  • Contact:
  • Galina prol
  • Your Majesty Silver Winter (NS11)

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