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Catteries Glam Pride

The Don sphynx cattery " Glam Pride ". The indisputable advantage of hairless cats - they royally majestic views and amazing grace. The unusual appearance of the Sphinx, something magical in their enchanting look mesmerizing. Sphynx, in character - an emotional attachment to a person, affectionate, chistoploten at home and hypoallergenic to others. This breed - just a perfect option for people who are allergic to cat fur. As well it will certainly appeal to all who like of refinement and originality. Mono-breed cattery "Glam Pride" (Lugansk, Ukraine) is engaged in breeding cats Sphynx breed. The main objectives of the nursery - the preservation and consolidation of breed characteristics of this wonderful breed, healthy animals with a stable psyche.
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Lugansk
  • Phone:
  • +38(093) 271-58-47, +38(066) 124-56-02
  • Contact:
  • Oksana Lungu
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  • male Skif Rine Misheline
  • female My Angel Celesta
  • female My Angel Celesta
  • male Skif Rine Misheline
  • котята питомника Glam Pride
  • kittens Glam Pride

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