Как разместить рекламу на Зооклубе

Catteries Dikoe Plemya

Welcome to our cattery! The name of our cattery in Russian "Dikoe Plemya", translated into English as Wild Tribe. We are located in Russia, and the city of Chelyabinsk. Our city is located near the Ural Mountains and is the capital of the Southern Urals. We are breeding of cats of breed Kurilian bobtail SH & SLH. Photos of our kittens and cats you can look into the appropriate pages. Soon I'll add videos of cats and kittens.
  • Region:
  • Russia, Chelyabinsk
  • Phone:
  • 89634635955
  • Skype:
  • julia_telyakova
  • ICQ:
  • 169423759
  • Contact:
  • Tatiana Oboltnskaya
  • логотип питомника
  • Оберег Чудесный Паренек
  • Аргумент из Дикого Племени

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