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Catteries Megacun

Our kennel MEGACON is situated in, Krasnoyarsk and officially registered in the FIA system. The nursery is professionally engaged in breeding cats beautiful North American Maine Coon breed. The main direction of our cattery is to receive and retain the offspring of the modern breed type that best suits the requirement of the breed standard. Getting only healthy, strong, harmoniously developed offspring with a stable psyche and the present temper of the Maine Coon. Specific Coones character is a mandatory criterion in the selection of manufacturers in our kennel. We make every effort to identify the breed of genetic diseases and defects in our Pets. Breeding only healthy animals. Our small kennel, to be able to provide high-quality care and to pay enough attention to each cat's soul, that is why we do not have many animals. The passion for the breed of the Maine Coon is a big part of our lives. Our cats are surrounded by love and care and are full members of our family. Kittens grown for You surrounded by love and care.Assistance in the delivery
  • Region:
  • Russia, Krasnoyarsk
  • Phone:
  • 89135589586 , 89233737903
  • Contact:
  • Tatyana Teterina
  • Племенной кот питомника Мегакун Бакс
  • Бакс
  • Плем.кошка питомника Мегакун Рига
  • Вишня
  • МегаКун Икар

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