Как разместить рекламу на Зооклубе

Catteries BASALER*BY

Kennel has been breeding cats breed Neva Masquerade cat maskaradnaya.Nevskaya differs from the Siberian only by its color. Color-pointed (easier to say - Siamese), very elegant color and bright blue eyes, become truly decoration Siberian breed. Despite their outwardly quite stern, these cats have calm, balanced character and, most importantly, a strong Siberian health. This fearless defenders of their territory, and gentle, loyal friends of his master, and patient toys in the hands of children. Nevas love when communicate with them on an equal footing and to stoi nstvu evaluate their superior intellect. This cat - partners in the definition. Is never intrusive, and excited or upset the host can easily soothe and comfort the melodious purring.
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  • Belorussia, Minsk
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  • .+375 29 779 3256
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  • arlash1065
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  • Tatsiana Arlashkina
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  • Фелинолог

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