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Catteries Helen Star

The nursery has been in existence for over 13 years. During this long period of time, we have made great strides. Graduates of our potimnika reached Euro-champions title at the world championships and exhibitions, received the title of Best of Best, but our greatest achievement has always been that our kittens are very affectionate, tame and sociable. This is the main "chip" Helen Star Kennel. We are engaged in cultivation of two breeds, the Scottish and British. In our cattery kittens are regularly buying and chic young British Shorthair cat for breeding.
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Poltava
  • Phone:
  • 050 346 53 28
  • Contact:
  • Inessa Anisimowa
  • Британский короткошерстный кот 1.5 лет, 7 кг.
  • Наши детки
  • Британская кошка - мама деток.
  • Шотландская вислоухая кошечка

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