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Catteries Neva Imperial

Welcome to the nursery of Neva Masquerade cats "Neva Imperial". The cattery was registered in 2017 in the pedigree felinological center "Uslada" in Zaporizhzhya according to the WCF (World Cat Federation) system, WCF is an international federation officially registered in the registration court in Germany. At the moment, more than 540 clubs all over the world, including the USA, are members of the WCF. Cattery "Neva Imperial" professionally engaged in breeding breeding of Siberian Neva fancy cats of different colors. The task of our cattery is the breeding of strong and healthy kittens of the pedigree type, with a strong bone, thick silky hair, a kind and gentle character. Our kittens undergo a course of vaccination against viral infections, accustomed to a pot and kittens, eat natural food and super-premium foods. We provide consultative support to our graduates with recommendations on nutrition and content. If you decide to buy a Neva masquerade kitty, then you are at the address, please contact. You will not regret your choice: this breed is distinguished not only by the incredible beauty of the white fur coat and sky-blue eyes, but also amazing for the cat's mind!
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Zaporozhye
  • Phone:
  • 0961925077,0502760106
  • Skype:
  • valentin_ka1992
  • Contact:
  • Yuliya Chakalova
  • Club:
  • ПФЦ "Услада"
  • Selena Sineokaya
  • выпускники

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