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At the time of registration "Univesal Favourite", located in the city. The city of Severodonetsk (Ukraine), was the only officially registered in the Lugansk region племзаводом in the system of STAFF (IKU - F.C.I. ), the leading breeding work among the species: siberian husky, long-haired German shepherd, French bulldog. We have conducted thorough selection of breeding pairs, with regard to operating and exterior of the data. Dogs have passed courses of training, have successfully passed the test, awarded with numerous diplomas and titles. For years the activities of the breeding center received only positive feedback. All crossings are planned. Puppies undergo compulsory актирование receive documents, branded. We guarantee further support - guidelines for care and upbringing, training, preparation for the exhibitions, assistance in execution of documents, the choice of the couple for relationships. Our puppies are a part of our family. We were binding for the sake of quality and temperament, and not for reception of puppies with a particular coat color or eye color. Our main goal is to get puppies, meet the breed standard, with excellent psyche and beautiful movements. We have no dogs "to yourself from unplanned mating". We do not sell puppies persons under the age of 18 years. We do not sell puppies persons who are not able to provide the dog decent conditions of detention. We do not give advice on someone else's dogs.
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Severodonetsk
  • Phone:
  • +380953981426
  • Contact:
  • Tatyana Kalashnikova

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