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Kennel «DOCTOR*S MISTERY » и Kozyrnaya Karta

With us you can always buy a puppy Cane Corso for exhibition career, reliable guard and faithful companion for you and your children an excellent nurse. We provide comprehensive counseling and help in preparing for exhibitions. We have a nursery - Permanent, rigid breeding selection and control of livestock, as well as a clear choice of the professional manufacturers of steam, taking into account breed, health, mental stability and working features. - The main goal in breeding nursery is strict adherence to the official breed standard (FCI № 343), and the preservation and consolidation of all the natural, physical and working qualities of the breed in its descendants. And also, do not just sell Cane Corso, and the popularization of the breed in Ukraine and throughout the world. -Sale Cane Corso kennel is on the rules of CCS. Each puppy Cane Corso puppy is given a card on which shall be signed by the curator, and personally aktirovschika kennel owner. All dogs born in our kennel, have a distinctive prefix after the nicknames - «DOCTOR * S MISTERY». - We guarantee the quality breeding of puppies in the kennel, the stopping of the ears and tails, if desired, done on time and quality medicine immunizations, quality and timely worming of pregnant females and pups, feeding high quality forages and balanced natural diet + vitamins and minerals, as well as the timely socialization of puppies podraschennyh . Cane Corso Puppies, obtained in the nursery are grown in the house, much attention is given to family relations. Buy Cane Corso for us - it is a dog, brought up under the close supervision of parents and at a constant human attention, socially adapted, and it easily adapts to any conditions of life.
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  • Ukraine, Kiev
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  • +380503818129
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  • Gennadiy Angelobog
  • Bellezza Kozyrnaya Karta
  • : George Victory Bringer for Doctor*s Mistery
  • George Victory Bringer for Doctor*s Mistery
  • Bellezza Kozyrnaya Karta

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