Как разместить рекламу на Зооклубе


Our kennel «GROSSLIEBENTAL» to breed German shepherd and a pug, registered in FCI in 2012. «GROSSLIEBENTAL» - translated as great valley of love. Here live the personification of loyalty and friendship - a German shepherd and loving minions of fortune - mopsy.Plemennaya work in the nursery is based on pure breeding deserve special breed regularly confirming its importance in the exhibitions. Manufacturers should not only be the best, but also stable bequeath his qualities - anatomy, health, psyche. That is the highest goal of our cattery. And the results of our work do not keep us waiting, conquering not only a place under the sun, and a high score in the ring. I would be glad to get acquainted with the connoisseurs of these rocks!
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Odessa
  • Phone:
  • +38-093-7973-128
  • Skype:
  • galina_18e
  • Contact:
  • Galini Ponomarenko
  • Club:
  • FCI / КСУ, FCI / UCI
  • Верона Деволь Порода: Pug
  • Саюри Деволь Порода: Pug
  • Одри Шредингер Порода: Pug

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