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Kennel Юлия

krainian Kennel «Igriviy Luchik» , a breed Japanese . Libra of adult dog to 3кг. Proud, affectionate and clever aristocrats of East - Japanese хины guarded families of the Japanese emperors from troubles, depressions and illnesses, creating the atmosphere of happiness and love, making happy an eye by beauty. They reigned in temples, driving away the presence of bad fairies. Collected to blood of the best nurseries of Japan, Ukraine and Russia. Backuping and acquisition of puppy. http://igriviyluchik.jimdo.com Tel. +38 0677154560 Yuliya
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Nikopol
  • Phone:
  • +38 0677154560
  • Skype:
  • yuli_731
  • Contact:
  • yuli Yalovenko

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