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Nursery SEREBRISTIY SIYANIE (with registration KSU-FCI) - offers to sell puppies breed Wolfspitz (Keeshond). Puppies from our kennel assignee grafted with puppy card (internal Ukrainian ancestry sample) vet.pasportom. All kids get advice on nutrition, education, show training, grooming. In the future, we supervise your puppy for any questions. Volfshpits (Keeshond) dog smile for houses and apartments. Truth be told, that the nature of the Keeshond just gold! Not a hint of aggression, a drop of capriciousness or shred bothersome. Keeshond friendly, sociable and not shy - he made friends with all the little animals in the house. This affectionate dog gets along well with children. Keeshond - clever dog that is easy to train. These dogs are easily trained, as they seek to please their owner and show him my skills. They are curious and inquisitive, therefore grasp everything on the fly. These talented dogs can often be seen among the participants of the competition obedience; In addition, Wolfspitz often used in investigative work, guard duty, as well as in psychotherapeutic consultations. Keeshond very well relate to young children, they are wonderful nanny that even a very small child is not afraid to leave the dog, because they are very careful and considerate in dealings with children. Dogs of this breed are working in hospices and his smile (smiling very Keeshond animals) give joy to people. Wolfspitz content can be carried out both in residential and in suburban environments. The greatest happiness of the dogs of this breed experience by taking part in all the possible family activities and active games. In general, they do not require a large amount of active exercise, and therefore Keeshond perfect for keeping in the apartment. In short, this breed is characterized as a companion dog. Sincerely Kutomanova breeder Svetlana "nursery SEREBRISTOE SIYANIE»
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