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  • Кинологический центр МВД Ревущие пороги-2

Kennel Dog Training Center Interior Roaring Rapids - 2

" Roaring Rapids - 2 " - a nursery of search dogs Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev. On the basis of the nursery center acts as skin pass MIA - "K - 9 ." In the nursery , since 1998 , carried out a planned pedigree breeding dogs . This is in most German Shepherds, as well as Belgian Shepherd - Malinois . Since recently in breeding German Shepherds more sharply raises the problem of separating the exhibition and working dogs , the kennel during the breeding work , try to make universal dogs that would look good in the show ring , as well as could perform well their main job. Hence, the "2" in the title of the nursery - the workers + quality exterior.
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Zaporozje
  • Phone:
  • 0505551701
  • Contact:
  • Mixail Mishin
  • Club:
  • Запорожский областной клуб владельцев немецкой овчарки. ЦКВНОУ.

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