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Siberian Husky . About this wonderful breed and have written hundreds of books made ​​into movies , but a representative of the breed is so smart , do not repeat the individual and that each of them could make a movie! According to historical data for the first time the dog began to harness about 4 thousand years ago. Scary to think how much time has passed since people began to tame Nordic wolf before this dog is allowed to harness himself in a harness . In spite of such ancient history of this breed in its DNA Husky closest to the wolf . In the harsh conditions of life, who generously gives away the Arctic Circle , there was no place for aggression to humans. Dogs who have tried to show its teeth, there was no place in the society and people Huskies . Such cleaning rocks held for 3-4 thousand years , and that was the formation of a good-natured character of our dogs. Indigenous peoples of the north , and to this day , little has changed in the relationship with these dogs , but in a civilized society need to move dogsled already disappeared. In spite of this , around the world there are many athletes who are ready at any time to challenge the elements and fearlessly rush off to the ice bar for another victory and cups. Yet professional sport left its mark on the breed Siberian Huskies . Dogs involved in modern competitions are no longer pure breed bloodlines because, despite the incredible endurance of our breed in the competition requires increasingly high speeds , which are obtained by crossing the Huskies with more speed rocks. Therefore, in the description of the breed Siberian Husky professional sports direction I will not touch more . In today's world purebred Siberian Huskies are used as show dogs or companion dogs . Of course, there are also special cases educating our dogs , but , thank God, that these cases are rare . Now it's time to talk about the Huskies as a family dog ​​. The undoubted benefits of this breed is attributed unsurpassed mind the lack of smell and good-natured disposition, although the last item in the modern world can create with the dog and owner are not pleasant things ... Well, do not let the bad ! If you are an active person who is not afraid of a daily walk of 2-4 hours no matter the weather, your mood and your health , if you want to buy a friend who will always be there , but will be totally dependent on you, which is not will give you a " covered with dust " that Husky - a breed for you! Also, do not forget that the Huskies , with proper care, are long-lived among dogs , they live up to 15-16 years , while retaining his hot temper to his last day . However, if you want to buy Husky to improve your image and , as they say , an aviary is ready, you will receive a wild wolf is not managed , which will by all means, seek to escape to freedom. If you are looking for " dog for a pillow ," you will get the Huskies destroyer , which eat not only the laying . Siberian Husky true friend will be the person who can own will , not by force but it will subdue the wolf. The hierarchy in the pack Huskies always very strict and you must be on top of it . Any manifestation of excessive love Huskies perceive as a weakness of your will and therefore you are trying to impose their views . All , without exception, from tiny Husky puppy to the honored pensioner - to cancel the actors , so they can easily and not noticeable to impose your opinion, and you will not know and you are going on about the dog. Such a situation can recognize anyone who took the trouble to read and even a book about the Huskies to purchase a furry pet.
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  • Питомник Сибирских хаски Горловка, Украина. Порода: Siberian Husky
  • Порода: Siberian Husky

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