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Kennel minifanfini

Kennel Mini Fantini offers for mating male beaver (nickname Siskin), a snub nose, a small compact, the weight of 1800. bright symmetrical color, excellent coat, decent origin. Untied. Fit yourself females of any size. Gives a very beautiful doll babies. Reduces the size. Documents RKF. Knit, consultation, paperwork, comprehensive support. There are puppies for sale. The kennel Mini Fantini http://minifanfini.ru/ for more information call us 8-916-962-81-00 Marina Moscow mpetiti The mating beaver York mini, puppies, knit 8-916-962-81-00
  • Region:
  • Russia, Moscow
  • Phone:
  • 8-916-962-81-00
  • Contact:
  • minifanfini@yandex.ru minifanfini@yandex.ru
  • Бивер кобель Прайд Коронати Джеймс Бонд (Чижик) Порода: Biewer
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  • ЕС Амиго Мини Фанфини (Амиго) Порода: Biewer

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