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  • Питомник папильонов "Изящный французский цветок"

Kennel Kennel Papillons "elegant French flower"

Kennel offers puppies Papillon. Who wants to buy himself the "eternal child" little dog - "butterfly", an elegant French flower, best friend and a family member? Papillon Puppies show class with congenital high intelligence, a noble breed and cheerful temperament. Growth of up to 28 cm at the withers, life expectancy up to 16 years. The unpretentious food, weight 2-5 kg. Good health. Papillon Dog decades occupies 8th place in the ranking of the most intelligent dogs of the world, the animal well to train and always understands his master in agility win prizes. Well suited for inexperienced owners. Puppies beautiful origin, titled parents, winners of numerous exhibitions.
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Odessa
  • Phone:
  • 0633793982
  • Skype:
  • anngresh
  • Contact:
  • Ann visotzkaya
  • Club:
  • Одесский клуб КСУ "Родная природа"
  • Щенки родились 9 и 19 января 2016 года Порода: Papillon
  • Щенки родились 19 января 2016 года Порода: Papillon
  • Папа щенков Порода: Papillon
  • Мамы щенков Порода: Papillon

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