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Kennel White Fang`s House

The kennel of White Fang's House was certificated by International Cynological Federation in 2014. White Fang's House is a monobreed kennel that meets all zootechnic and hygienical requirements, with veterinary service and training. A kennel of WFH is situated in Samarovka village, Dnipropetrovsk, on the riverside. Our fosters are a male dog and a female dog of a White Swiss Shepherd breed. Dogs spend the whole year round outdoors, so they possess an excellent immunity system and health. In our kennel we keep all the conditions to provide normal physiological functions of the organism and maintain high efficiency of our animals. Training on land and in water, as well as the properly selected daily regimen and a balanced diet are paying off. During the comparatively small term of working of the kennel tangible results have been obtained: already in July, 2014 the fosters of White Fang's House were rewarded for the fisrst time as a Young Champion of Ukraine and Young Grand Champion of Ukraine; in November 2014 The Cynological Union of Ukraine rewarded Armat and Nika with the corresponding certificates for the successful passing of the examination "Dog in the city" 2. This certificate confirms that a dog passed the initial course of training and successfully passed an exam; since 2015th our fosters got such major rewards as: Armat: - Twice Champion of Ukraine, Triple Champion of Ukraine (documents are being registrated); - Twice Best representative of the breed of Ukraine. Nika: - Champion of Ukraine. The special attention in the kennel of White Fang's House is payed to the quality of posterity. The most varied diet of our fosters includes turkey, chicken, beef, and also a balanced complex of fodder and vitamins, all of that together with a favourable habitat and physical activities makes the basis of a healthy way of life and magnificent development of our dogs. Also our kennel pays a lot of attention to socialization of puppies, that includes: Trust. Its very hard to earn the trust of the White Swiss Shepherd. Thats why we train our puppies a lot, we spend plenty of time with them, we never use violence and never cheat them. Contact with people. We walk our puppies in public places and parks, we allow other people (both adults and children) to communicate with them, that is undoubtedly pleasant for both the dogs and the people. Loyalty. Loyalty and devotion of any dog are already known for a long time, but devotion of the White Swiss Shepherd as well as the contact with the owner and his family members takes place at the level of subconsciousness, it is the dog of one owner, of a one "pack" (families,where it was taken as a puppy). And if you earn its trust by caring and love, then you will receive the most true, reliable friend and a devoted defender once and forever. The kennel is based on the territory of a private house, that allows puppies to move freely on the enclosed territory of the area, where they learn to make their own decisions independently, study the territory, and also liberalize.
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
  • Phone:
  • +380503208883
  • Skype:
  • The_avtark
  • Contact:
  • Artem Tereshchenko
  • Club:
  • КСУ Днепр

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