Как разместить рекламу на Зооклубе

Kennel Large Heart

The cattery is engaged in cultivation of dogs of breed the American Akita. All our puppies have the documents of UKU/FCI, the mark (chip),vaccinated and treated by age.It is important for us future of our Pets, so by purchasing our puppy, You get the assurance of comprehensive care and consultation. In turn, the owners of our puppies, we want to see responsible people for whom the decision on buying a puppy was a deliberate, not spontaneous, people who understand the responsibility that will fall on them when you care for the pet.
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Dnepr
  • Phone:
  • +380972150609
  • Skype:
  • mudray
  • Contact:
  • Swetlana Mudraya
  • Club:
  • ДОЛС г.Днепр

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