Как разместить рекламу на Зооклубе

ZooHotel "Adel"

Zоо Hotel "Adele" offers services in an overexposure of cats, dogs, birds and rodents. Animals contain in different rooms, cages, open-air cages. An offered mode of the maintenance: planned выгул dogs 2 times a day; cleaning of number 2 times a day; a two-single food. Additional services: delivery of the pupil in hotel and back; a full complex of veterinary services; bathing, combing, a hairstyle; any services in coordination with the owner. Attention! For registration in hotel it is necessary to have the veterinary passport with a mark about the made inoculations (for dogs – necessarily) and the inquiry from the veterinary surgeon about health of your pupil. Please, bring with itself the veterinary passport, a laying smelling as the house (it will reduce stress of an animal in connection with time moving), a toilet of an animal with own smell, ware from which the animal has got used to eat, and also favourite toys (accessories), a lead and a collar – for dogs. Birds and rodents are accepted with the cages. For each pupil who takes place in hotel, the individual questionnaire which allows to receive as much as possible full information not only about health of an animal, but also about features of its character, preferences, achievements is specially developed. The contract on rendering of services on overexposures of the pupil without fail consists. Very much by granting of this kind of service we give great value to protection of our lodgers. Territory on which temporarily live, animals are walked, is reliably protected. At will of the owner, animals will be walked in wood and to bathe in small river, considering seasonal prevalence, on a lead that also assumes protection of an animal. Also we pay steadfast attention to sanitary processing of numbers and territory выгула which is spent with use of special means and technics. The food prepares for services of our lodgers as standard (various porridges with meat, with oil, high-quality dry feeds etc.) and taking into account habits and predilections of your pupils. We, certainly, can't replace you, but we will make everything that the animal transferred your time absence without serious consequences! Contacts: Yalta, street Bolshevist, д.6 Bodies. / a fax (0654 26-18-80 Моб. (050 497 22 00, (050 344 07 97 e-mail: zoohotel-adel@mail.ru We pay your attention: reception of animals on preliminary record!
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Yalta
  • Phone:
  • 0503440797
  • Contact:
  • Ludmila Pevneva

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