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kinolog z Kolomyi

Dresyruy dog ​​now! Tomorrow will be too late! Take thou future problems with the dog! Make life comfortable and safe! Zoopsychologists eliminate problems experienced in dealing with the dog. In a short time your dog will be obedient friend and reliable guard. Telephone: 0668068770; 0963673292; my bloh- http://dog.dp.ua Vladimir Stepanovich Have a unique method of correcting the behavior of problem dogs successfully applied me for 16 years and checked for more than 185 dogs of different breeds. The method makes it possible to adjust the behavior of your pet through the online consultation, without giving away his favorite chotyrylapoho stranger and yet very actively participating in the process of training the dog. The first consultation FREE!
  • Region:
  • Ukraine, Kolomyja
  • Phone:
  • 0668068770 0963673292
  • Contact:
  • Volodimir Volynskyj
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  • кінолог

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