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Chipping dogs, cats and other animals at home

Chipping dogs, cats and other animals at home Without unnecessary stress, for an animal, we perform chip coping with leaving home. In the presence there are always German microchips of two sizes: standard and mini. Microchips are made from high-quality biocompatible glass, which prevents migration and rejection of the microchip inside the animal. The size of the microchip is 2 by 12 mm - this is the standard size that is suitable for most animals. Also there are mini-microchips, the size of which is only 1.4 by 8 mm, which are ideal for small breeds of animals, since the needle of the syringe is much thinner than the standard size (optimal for kittens, puppies, rodents). Chipped animals are imported into the international base, with the possibility of feedback from the owner. With group chipping discounts.
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  • Ukraine, Kharkiv
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  • Kseniya Zavgorodnyaya

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