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Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth in dogs and cats

Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth in dogs and cats       Cleaning of teeth ultrasound in dogs. Removing tartar in dogs is a mandatory procedure to eliminate the unpleasant odor from the mouth and preserve the teeth of the animal. It is impossible to cope with tartar at home.     The maximum effect can be achieved only with the use of special dental equipment. Doctors of our service use a woodpecker apparatus UDS-L.     Removal of calculus in dogs is a rather painful procedure, therefore it is usually performed under general anesthesia. And this need not be feared. Quite soft and safe preparations are used in modern veterinary medicine.    If necessary, we combine ultrasonic brushing of teeth with mechanical cleaning of a dental instrument. This approach in some cases avoids the use of anesthesia. Quiet dogs, we practice the removal of tartar without the use of anesthesia! After removal of tartar by ultrasound, all teeth are covered with a protective preparation (for example, TOPEX® DuraShield Sultan).      Cleaning of teeth ultrasound in cats Cats are also prone to the formation of plaque and tartar, especially in old age. Optimal tartar removal in cats once every 8-14 months.      The British, Persians, scotish folds and their mestizos, the formation of tartar is faster and, therefore, in such cats, teeth cleaning should be done more often.  VGcsiVI -  Price of tartar removal by ultrasound at home Dog up to 5 kg (all inclusive) from 200 UAH.                          Get detailed advice from a veterinary dentist Enroll ultrasonic teeth cleaning at home You can call
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