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Sphynx \ Canadian Sphynx

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Canadian Sphynx
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History and Origin

The pictures of hairless cats come to us from ancient time proving that this natural mutation has happened from time to time during all the feline history. But as long as we deal with the contemporary breed of the sphynxs, known also as the canadian sphynx (to tell them it from the Russian sphynx breeds - Peterbald, Don Sphynx) we should start from 1966, when in Toronto, Canada was born a hairless kitten, named Prune. It was crossed with its mother, which produced one more naked kitten. Together with a few naked kittens found later it became the primogenitor of the breed.
The first sphynx breeders faced a number of problems. The genetic pool was very limited, breeders had rather vague ideas about sphynx genetics, kittens often crumbled away. The naked male Epidermis born in 1975 to short-haired mother provided new inspiration to sphynx fanciers and provided new genes for further breed development. On the early stage of the breed the crosses to devon-rex were used, but later this crossing was refused because it caused healthy problems and devolution. Now the Canadian Sphynx is a healthy breed with a sound genetec pool.

Appearance and Features

The Sphynx is not just a hairless cat. The breed has other sound features. The body is of middle size, muscular. Sphynx cats have wrinkled skin, especially around their head and neck. The ears are very large, broad down and sharpen up. The legs are long. The Sphynx' toes are elongated and look like little fingers, Sphynxs can hold things with them. Most Sphynxs do have fine down which is unvisible but make the skin feel like chamois. The Sphynx body temperature is 107.06 F, wich is higher than human body temperature. Some Sphynx fanciers like to use their pets as a hot-water bottle. Sphynxs are very affectionate and don't mind this. They are said to feel sore place on the owners body and to cure couching on them. High body temperature helps Sphynxs to resist most kind of illness themselves. It is a rather healthy breed.
Special item is whether Sphynxs are hypoallergenic. The Sphynx may suit for those who suffer from the allergy caused by animal hair. But some people suffer from the allergy caused by skin cells, that sphynxs do produce, so they are not suit those people.

Care and Maintenance

It is not very hard to keep Sphynxs well, but their maintenance is rather unlike to other cats.
Sphynxs sweat, their skin secrets oils to nourish the non-existent coat, so they need daily wiping with cloth and frequent bathing. But bathing is not a problem - Sphynxs don't mind it and it very easy to dry them. The ears need to be cleaned weekly.
Sphynxs are not whimsy about food. But due their high metabolism Sphynxs do need more food than most other cats do. As long as they are fed well and the air temperature is comfortable for man, Sphynxs are not cold. But they like warmth and are smart enough to find it near people or under a coverlet. It would be better keep them out of draught. Of course, Sphynxs are not supposed to be kept outdoor. Besides temperature extreme, sunbeams are also hazardous for their naked skin.



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